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In November of 2003, at the annual American Academy of Religion meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, a group of diverse scholars came together to form the Open and Relational Theologies Unit of the AAR. The Center for Process Studies is a proud participant in this endeavor. The ORT unit is a diverse group, made up theologians from a wide array of backgrounds and affiliations, evangelical and liberal, including both openness and process theologies. Despite the diversity of origin, these scholars are united in their conviction that God is personal, loving, and relational, creatures are free, and the future is undetermined. If you would like more information about the goings-on of the ORT group, please contact Thomas Oord.

YouTube YouTube Channel: Check out the Open Theology channel on YouTube, where you can watch presentations by the leading openness theologians. Visit it here.



"Postcolonialism Meets Open and Relational Theologies"
Saturday, November 23, 2013, 9:00am-11:30am

Participants explore open and relational theological themes as they pertain to postcolonialism.


  • Marit Trelstad, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Presenting:

  • Kayko Driedger Hesslein, Graduate Theological Union
    Both/And: Interactive Multicultural Theory Meets Chalcedonian Christology
  • Bo Eberle, Union Theological Seminary
    A Whiteheadian Approach to Propositions as a Foundation for Global Emergence
  • Reichard Joshua, Oxford Graduate School
    Mutually-Transformative Missions: A Post-Colonial, Process-Relational, Pentecostal-Charismatic Missiology
  • Tim Hartman, University of Virginia
    A Failure of Imagination: The Intersection of Gospel and Culture Today [pdf]
  • Responding:

  • Mayra Rivera, Harvard University
  • Business Meeting:

  • Thomas Oord, Northwest Nazarene University, Presiding

  • "Emergent Church Explorations "
    Saturday, November 23, 2013, 1:00am-3:30am

    This session involves three conversations, with three participants in each. These conversations pertain to papers written by participants, but there will be no formal reading of the papers. The conversations explore issues in the emergent church as they relate to open and relational theologies.


  • Thomas Oord, Northwest Nazarene University
  • Presenting:

  • Jeremy Fackenthal, Vincennes University
    Process Theopoetics and the Emergent Church: Inviting Collaboration and Relationality [pdf]
  • Callid Keefe-Perry, Boston University
    Theological Epistemology in The Emergent Church: A Form of Paul Ricoeur's Relational Attestation
  • Responding: Diana Butler Bass


  • Sara Rosenau, Drew University
    Becoming Emergent: Theorizing A Practicing Church
  • Timothy Murphy, Claremont Lincoln University
    The Emergent Church in its Planetary Context [pdf]
  • Responding: Bo Sanders, Claremont School of Theology

  • Benjamin Cowan, Claremont Graduate University
  • John R. Franke, First Presbyterian Church
    The Pluralist Reformation: Open Theology and the Practice of Emergent Christianity
  • Responding: Philip Clayton, Claremont School of Theology


    "Arminius and Open Theology"
    Saturday, November 23, 2013, 9:00am-11:30am

    A join session between the Evangelical Studies Group and Open and Relational Theologies Group.


  • Joy J. Moore, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • Presenting:

  • Keith Stanglin, Austin Graduate School of Theology & Thomas H. McCall, Trinity Evangelical
    Jacob Arminius: Theologian of Grace
  • W. Stephen Gunter, Duke University
    Arminius and His Declaration of Sentiments
  • Responding:

  • Roger E. Olson, Baylor University [pdf]
  • Thomas Oord, Northwest Nazarene University
    [response to Gunter] [response to Stanglin-McCall]

    • Postcolonial_GroupParticipants of "Postcolonialism Meets Open and Relational Theologies" session
    • Reichard_PostcolonialJoshua Reichard presenting at "Postcolonialism Meets Open and Relational Theologies" session
    • Rivera_PostcolonialMayra Rivera responding at "Postcolonialism Meets Open and Relational Theologies" session
    • Trelstad_PostcolonialMarit Trelstad presiding at at "Postcolonialism Meets Open and Relational Theologies" session
    • Clayton_EmergentPhilip Clayton leading discussion at"Emergent Church Explorations" session
    • Cowan_EmergentBenjamin Cowan presenting in "Emergent Church Explorations" session
    • Emergent_Presenters1Jeremy Fackenthal and Callid Keefe-Perry with respondent Diana Butler Bass at "Emergent Church Explorations" session
    • Emergent_Presenters2Timothy Murphy and Sara Rosenau with respondent Bo Sanders at "Emergent Church Explorations" session
    • Arminius GroupParticipants of "Arminius and Open Theology" session
    • PanelistsPanelists at "Arminius and Open Theology" session
    • Olson_Arminius Roger Olson presenting at "Arminius and Open Theology" session

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