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Seminar Papers

The Center for Process Studies regularly organizes seminars on the Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University campuses. Each seminar is then reported on in Process Perspectives. Selected seminar papers mentioned in a given issue of Process Perspectives will be listed here. Be aware that some authors only give us permission for hard copy distribution, while others give permission for website publication. If you would like a copy of a paper that is not available for download, hard copies can be ordered by calling (909) 621-5330, or sending an email to . Hard copies are free for members, and $0.10 per page, plus shipping, for non-members. Papers from Process Perspectives prior to volume 23 are available in the general circulation of the CPS library.

Volume 34 no. 3: Fall 2012

  • "Science, Buddhist, Christian Trialogue at the Boundaries ," by Paul O. Ingram [PDF]
  • "Buddhist-Christian Dialogue," by Curtis A. Rigsby (slides) [PDF]

Volume 33 no. 1: Spring 2010

  • "The Practical Importance of Metaphysics," by John Cobb
  • "Everlasting Hesed and Essential Kenosis as Pillars for a Theology of Love" (PowerPoint slides), by Thomas Jay Oord

Volume 32 no. 3: Winter 2010

  • Yang Fubin, "The Influence of Whitehead's Process Philosophy on the Chinese Academy"

Volume 32 no. 2: Fall 2009

  • Spyridon Koutroufinis, "A New Opening for a Philosophy of Nature: Life and Panprotosychism" [PDF]
  • Gorgias Romero, "George Pixley's The Liberator God" (powerpoint presentation)

Volume 32 no. 1: Spring 2009

  • Monica Coleman, "The Power of the Call: Process Theology and Community Activism" [PDF]
  • Thandeka, "Affective Neuroscience, the Economy, and Whitehead's Original Insight"
  • Olga Stoliarova, "Whitehead's Relational Ontology and Its Constructivist Interpretation" [PDF]

Volume 31 no. 3: Winter 2009

  • Gorgias Romero, "The Historical and Philosophical Framework of Whitehead's Thought "
  • Philip Clayton, "God Beyond Orthodoxy: Process Theology for the 21st Century" [PDF]

Volume 31 no. 2: Fall 2008

  • Spyridon Koutroufinis, "Reintroducing Teleology in Scientific Explanation: A Whiteheadian Account of the Ontogeny of Organisms" [PDF]
  • Nathaniel Barrett, "The Perspectivity of Feeling: Process Panpsychism and the Explanatory Gap" [PDF]

Volume 31 no. 1: Spring 2008

  • Franklin Gamwell, "Neoclassical Metaphysics and Recent Political Theory" [PDF]
  • Franz Riffert, "Whitehead's Theory of Perception in Light of Current Empirical Research" [PDF]

Volume 30 no. 3: Winter 2008

  • James Poling, "Process Theology and Practical Theology" [PDF]
  • Jay Hyon Nahm, "Toward the Advancement of Democracy in Korea: A Process Perspective"

Volume 30 no. 2: Fall 2007

  • Ronny Desmet, "Whitehead and the British Reception of Einstein's Relativity" [PDF]
  • John B. Cobb, Jr., "Why Faith Needs Process Philosophy" [PDF]

Volume 30 no. 1: Summer 2007

  • The Meaning and Significance of the Teachings of the Jungshim Association  [PDF]
  • Yutaka Tanaka , "The Philosophy of Nothingness and Process Theology" [PDF]
  • John T. Wilcox, "Loren Fisher's Books on Job: A Paper for the Convocation on Job" [PDF]
  • Hiheon Kim, "Minjung Messiah and Process Panentheism"

Volume 29 no. 3: Fall 2006

  • Anselm Min, "Anthropology and Theology in the Age of Globalization: Reflection on Theological Method " [PDF]
  • John Buchanan, "Openness: Spirituality in a Process Psychology" [PDF]
  • John Buchanan, "Inaugural Lecture, Center for Process Psychology, Shandong Normal University"  [PDF]

Volume 29 no. 2: Fall 2006

  • Herman Greene, "The Importance of Process Philosophy Today" [PDF]
  • Bruce Epperly, "Process Thought and Lived Omnipresence" [PDF]
  • Scaria Kalloor, "John Cobb's Christology"

Volume 29 no.1: Summer 2006

  • Mustafa Rüzgar, "Whitehead and Iqbal" [PDF]
  • Mark Dibben, "Managament and Process Studies" [PDF]
  • Randall Hayes, "Can We Ecologize Capitalism?" [PDF]

Volume 28 no. 3: Spring 2006

  • David Lull, "Romans in a Process Perspective" [PDF]
  • Roland Faber, "Process Theology as Theopoetics" [PDF]
  • David Roy, "Process Psychology and the Process of Psychology" [PDF]
  • Yong Pei, "Why China?" [PDF]

Volume 28 no. 2: Fall 2005

  • Sun Jin Song, "A Process Soteriology of Love" [PDF]
  • John Sweeney, "Transforming Foundations - Philosophical, Theological, Scientific" [PDF]
  • Hanna Strack, "A Theology of Birth" [PDF]

Volume 28 no. 1: Summer 2005

  • Donna Bowman, "The Importance of Whitehead for Contemporary Theology" [PDF]
  • Donald W. Viney, "Whitehead's Adventurous Religion as his Theological Legacy" [PDF]
  • Roland Faber, " In the Wake of False Unifications: Whitehead's Creative Resistance against Imperialist Theologies" [PDF]
  • John B. Cobb, Jr., "The Contribution of Process Thought to Reflection on Love" [PDF]

Volume 27 no. 3: Winter 2005

  • Carolyn Bohler, "Coaches and Gods" [PDF]
  • Jorge Pixley, "Creativity and Struggle: Process Philosophy and Liberation Theology" [PDF]
  • Mark Modak-Truran, "Reenchanting the Law: The Religious Dimension of Judicial Decision Making" [PDF]
  • Philip Clayton, "Untapped Resources for Process Thought II: Do You Exist As a Subject Extended in Time? The Process Thought of Henri Bergson" [PDF]

Volume 27 no. 2: Fall 2004

  • Robin R. Wang, "Yin Yang: A Philosophical Process in Chinese Thought" [PDF]
  • David Brewer, "Purification and Positivism vs. School Reform"
  • Barbara Muraca, "Welt, Umwelt, Mitwelt: Process thought and Environmental Ethics" [PDF]
  • Yih-hsien Yu, "Two Chinese Philosophers and Whitehead Encountered" [PDF]
  • Brian Henning, "A Whiteheadian Aesthetics of Morals" [PDF]

Volume 27 no. 1: Spring 2004

  • Granville Henry, "Process Thought and Catholic Eucharist"
  • Thomas Kelly, "Aquinas and Hume on the Argument from Contingency for God's Existence" [PDF]
  • Mary Elizabeth Moore, "Imagining Peace" [PDF]
  • Aaron Milavec, "Polanyi's Epistemology and Sociology of Science as Accounting for How Faith and Discovery Perform Embodied Heuristic Functions that Enable the Advancement of Science and Theology" [PDF]
  • Vakhtangi Makhniashvili, "Parfit and Whitehead on Personal Identity" [PDF]

Volume 26 no. 3: Summer 2003

  • Hwal Woong Lee, "An Overview of U.S. Policy on Korea" [PDF]
  • Sang Yil Kim, "Overcoming Dualism and Reunifying Korea" [PDF]
  • Kathlyn Breazeale, "Toward a Process Theology of Partnership" [PDF]
  • Andrew Sung Park, "Forgivingness" [PDF]
  • Thomas Jay Oord, "Process Contributions to a Love-and-Science Symbiosis" [PDF]

Volume 26 no.2: Summer 2003

  • James Poling, "Pastoral Care in a Time of Global Market Capitalism" [PDF]
  • Michael Epperson, "The Mechanics of Concrescence: Quantum Theory and Process Metaphysics" [PDF] (pages 3,4, and 11 are in color)
  • Monica Coleman, "Process Thought and Womanist Theology" [PDF]
  • Philip Clayton, "Untapped Resources for Process Thought I: Samuel Alexander's Emergentist Theism" [PDF]

Volume 26 no.1: Winter 2002-3

  • Clyde Tidwell and David Brewer, "A Personal Theory of Democracy" [PDF] and "A New Look at Dropouts" [PDF
  • Robert Mesle, "Suffering, Meaning, and Ethics" [PDF]
  • Carol Christ, "In the Wake of Matricide: A Feminist Process Paradigm?" [PDF]
  • Herman Greene, "Ecozoic Ideas for 2002" [PDF] and "Process Thought for What?" [PDF]

Volume 25 no.3: Fall 2002

  • Josephine Burgos, "Adelaide" [PDF]
  • Mark Dibben, "A Journey Toward the Processual Understanding of Virtual Organizations" [PDF]
  • Greg Moses, "Steps Toward an Overcoming of Christian Positivistic Supernaturalism" [PDF
  • Jay McDaniel, "Buddhist-Christian Dialogue" [PDF]
  • Michael Zbaraschuk, "The Christianization of Whitehead: Justice in Process Theology" [PDF]

Volume 25 no. 2: Summer 2002

  • Sidney Hormell, "Reconciliation and Communication" [PDF]
  • Xiaohua Wang, "The Ecological Movement and the Influence of Constructive Postmodernism in China" [PDF]
  • Jin-Kwan Kwon, "The Holy Spirit and Minjung from the Perspective of  Process Thought" [PDF]
  • Rick Kuykendall, "Creation Spirituality and Process Thought" [PDF]

Volume 25 no. 1: Winter 2002

  • John B. Cobb, Jr., Whitehead's Model and Multiple Spiritualities [PDF]
  • Carol P. Christ, Feminist Revisionings of Divine Power and Hartshorne's God [PDF]

Volume 24 no. 3: Fall 2001

  • Kang Ouyang, Contemporary Marxism in China and Process Thought [PDF]
  • Leslie A. Muray, Ultimate Reality and Meaning and Lived Experience in Unamuno [PDF]
  • Julie A. Nelson, The Separative Firm: Androcentric Bias and Business Ethics [PDF]

Volume 24 no. 2: Summer 2001

  • Bruce G. Epperly, Process Spirituality and Original Wholeness [PDF]
  • Wang Shik Jang, A Philosophical Evaluation of Western and Eastern Civilization from a Whiteheadian Perspective [PDF]
  • Helene Russell, Solitude and the Self: Process Theology and Kierkegaard [PDF]

Volume 24 no. 1: Spring 2001

  • John B. Cobb, Jr., Process Thought and Its Applications [PDF]
  • Sara Patterson, Interview With John Cobb, Full Text [PDF]
  • Paul O. Ingram, On Buddhist-Christian Dialogue With the Natural Sciences [PDF]

Volume 23 no. 3: Winter 2001

  • Nancy Howell, Whitehead, Washoe, and Primate Culture [PDF]
  • John B. Cobb, Jr., Changing the Worlds Mind: Opening Address to the Whitehead Summit [PDF]
  • Tom Howe, Nietzsche and Whitehead on the Decadent Desire for Static Being [PDF]

Volume 23 no. 2: Fall 2000

  • Tokiyuki Nobuhara, Barth and Whitehead: Transforming and Reinterpreting Barth's Theology in a Process Perspective [PDF]
  • John B. Cobb, Jr., The Theological Stake in Globalization [PDF]
  • Gregory James Moses, Process Ecological Ethics [PDF]
  • Ron Miller, Education and the Evolution of the Cosmos [PDF]

Volume 23 no. 1: Summer 2000

  • Roland Faber, The Infinite Movement of Evanescence: A Relativist Analysis of the Pythagorean Puzzle in Deleuze, Whitehead, and Plato [PDF]
  • Sang Yil Kim, Self-Reliance: Logical and Mythological Approaches [PDF]
  • Gbor Karsai, The Concept of Creator God in the Rig Veda [PDF]
  • Robert J. Valenza, Aesthetic Priority in Science and Religion, [PDF]
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