Pinnock, Clark H. Most Moved Mover: A Theology of God's Openness. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2001.


In 1994, Clark Pinnock along with four other scholars published The Openness of God, which set out a new evangelical vision of God - one centered on his open, relational, and responsive love for creation. Since then, the nature of God has been widely discussed throughout the evangelical community. Now, Pinnock returns with Most Moved Mover to once again counter the classical, deterministic view of God and defend the relationality and openness of God. This engaging defense of openness theology begins with an analysis of the current debate, followed by an explanation of the misconceptions about openness theology, and a delineation of areas of agreement between classical and openness theologians. Most Moved Mover is for all evangelicals, regardless of their viewpoint, as it lays out the groundwork for future discussions of the open view of God.