Gruenler, Royce Gordon. The Inexhaustible God: Biblical Faith and the Challenge of Process Theism. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983.


"A solid critique of process theology from the evangelical side is overdue," asserts Clark H. Pinnock, professor of theology at McMaster Divinity College. "Royce Gruenler, because of personal involvement with process theology, having had to extricate himself from it, is in the proper position to put his finger on its weaknesses and unbiblical character, which he has ably done." The author confesses that "much of my own life and struggle with God's sovereignty and human freedom, with biblical revelation and philosophical thought, appear on every page." He concludes "that biblical faith is superior in every way to the suggested improvements offered by process theism." "Problems of power, persons, and time in process theism" is the subject of part 1, a critique of Whitehead, Hartshorne, and Cobb. Part 2 explicates "twenty false propositions in process metaphysics" and constitutes a summary critique of Hartshorne's theory of divine relativity. The final part concerns biblical revelation and human speculation, criticizing Neville, Ogden, Cobb, and Ford.