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Our collection of over 300 thematic bibliographies pertaining to process thought, organized by subject matter, was originally compiled by over 12 years and today is continued by Center staff, primarily by .

We, at the Center for Process Studies, are constantly working to develop our library and to aid our members in researching aspects of process thought. If you have special needs or a special project, we are available to aid in source text searching, resource development, bibliographic compilation and many other tasks. We will serve your research needs to the best of our ability. Please understand that large undertakings, such as developing a bibliography for publication or significant portions of dissertation research, are beyond our resources. You are, however, encouraged to visit our library in person for as long as you like.

Currently all of our bibliographic information is being maintained manually. In 1996 a computer program was purchased to begin the computerization of our library and to increase indexing capabilities. 

The normal charge for a hard copy of one of our bibliographies is $0.10 per page for photocopies plus shipping and handling. This list of available and maintained thematic bibliographies is constantly being worked on and expanded. We are making every effort to include the most recent work here. 

[Note: Many of the titles are not cross-referenced. An item that is primarily a feminist work but also addresses the concerns of ecology, however, is often included in both sections. The cross-reference, however, will not be noted.  Please keep this in mind while looking for information. We continue to upgrade the bibliographies which will, in the future, include cross-references.]

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