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Widening the Circle

Widening the Circle:
Cultivating the Open and Relational Spirit in Local Communities

A Project of the Center for Process Studies

Exploring ways of cultivating multi-faith appreciation, social justice, respect for animals, and care for the earth in local settings by means of art, music, story, theatre, learning circles, grass-roots advocacy, and public lectures – built upon four ideas:  (1) that human fulfillment lies in living with respect and care for the community of life, humans much included; (2) that the universe lends itself to this respect and care, because it is a communion of subjects not a collection of objects; (3) that every person’s life counts, especially those who are otherwise forsaken, forgotten, or abandoned; and (4) that there is a spirit of creative transformation at work in the world, non-coercive but always beckoning, that is on the side of life and its flourishing.  Widening the Circle partners with local organizations to design, create, and sponsor events that help people hear the voices of people, animals, and the earth; empowering them to build communities that are creative, compassionate, participatory, egalitarian, multicultural, humane to animals, ecologically wise, and spiritually satisfying – with no one left behind.  

Director: Jay McDaniel

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