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Whitehead Intl Film Festival

The Whitehead International Film Festival (WIFF) is based on Alfred North Whitehead’s process philosophy – a worldview that focuses on the radically interdependent nature of all that exists. Given this interdependence, we are each responsible for contributing as much as we can toward the common good. Intercultural appreciation and understanding is a component of the common good that can be fostered by viewing and discussing excellent films produced around the world.

Offered in conjunction with the Whitehead International Film Festival


Faith & Film Class

The class fulfills several purposes:

  1. to increase our ability to understand the artistic merits in film;

  2. to explore ways of utilizing films to probe issues of faith;

  3. to serve as a jury for the Whitehead International Film Festival, deciding which of the eleven feature films best meets the criteria of “Celebrating Films that Promote the Common Good.”

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