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The best way to help support the activities of the Center for Process Studies and to stay informed of the latest developments in process thought is to become a member. With your membership you will receive

  • the Center's semi-annual journal, Process Studies
  • three issues of Process Perspectives: The Newsletter of the Center for Process Studies
  • twelve pre-selected, unpublished seminar and conference papers at no additional cost (offered through newsletter).

As a CPS member, you are entitled to use our facilities, either as a visiting scholar or informally. Be sure to call on our staff for help in locating published and unpublished materials on topics of current interest to you. Bibliographic services are available to members for a nominal copying fee (or free for pre-prepared bibliographies available through our web site). Access to the Center's unique and extensive library is always free. Pdf copies of articles and conference papers can obtained for processing/handleing fee of $1 for members and $2 for non-members. Requests for this can be made via the contact form.

The Center for Process Studies [as an entity of the Claremont School of Theology] is a 501(c)(3) Federal Income Tax exempt entity so all contributions are tax deductible in the US [minus $40 cost of Newsletter and Journal].

Membership Fees

$50..... Student / Senior  (U.S. Only)
$60..... Participating (U.S. Only)
$75..... International (for members outside of the United States. Use credit card or check drawn from US bank)
$150... Contributing
$300... Sustaining
$500... Associate
$1500...Hartshorne Life Member (one-time donation with no renewal fees; tax deductible less $500 lifetime subscription to Newsletter and Journal)

Subscriptions Only

Individual subscriptions are available for both the journal and the newsletter. Libraries and other institutions should inquire directly with the Circulation Manager or through agencies.  

For individuals, a one year subscription to the journal Process Studies costs $35 per year for US residents and $45 per year for non-US residents and includes two issues. For institutions, a one year subscription is $60 for US residents and $75 for non-US residents.  

A one year individual subscription to Process Perspectives: the Newsmagazine of the Center for Process Studies costs $21 (US) per year for US residents and $30 (US) per year for non-US residents. Process Perspectives is published three times a year: approximately November, March and July.

Payment must always be made in US dollars through cash, check, traveler's check, money order or other draft. All drafts must be drawn on a US BANK and made payable to Process Studies for journal subscriptions and made payable to CST/Center for Process Studies for newsletter subscriptions and for memberships.

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