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New Book by Timothy Murphy

The Latest from Process Century Press:

Counter-Imperial Churching for a Planetary Gospel: Radical Discipleship for Today

by Timothy Murphy


“We live in an era that requires us to radicalize what ‘church’ means.”

So declares Timothy Murphy in this bold new ecclesiology that weaves together process theology and political philosophy. Murphy argues that the root problems an ecclesiology must address today are not primarily doctrinal, nor are they solely focused on a church’s self-enclosed internal life. It is to the world, the planet and its innumerable relationships, both liberating as well as destructive, that an ecclesiology should respond. In the context of globalizing Empire, where economic systems function as faiths, and planetary depredation is the norm, church must become a counter-witness to the ideologies of neo-liberal economic theory and free-market capitalism. Churches should seek to enact and witness to an alternative conceptualization of how people can live and interact with each other in more healing and just ways. If existing faith communions will not or cannot address this situation adequately, then new faith communities need to emerge as radical witnesses and partners for social transformation.

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