Center for process studies class by bob mesle...

Suffering and Meaning

Date: January 15-17, 2013
Location: Craig 110
Instructor: C. Robert Mesle, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy & Religion, Graceland University

Class Schedule

Tuesday, 1/15: 9-12 & 2-4
Wednesday, 1/16; 9-12 & 2-4
Thursday, 1/17; 9-12

Course Description

The first Noble Truth of Buddhism is that all life involves suffering.  Much of human life, religion, philosophy, and the arts express efforts to create meaningful responses to our suffering.  These responses to suffering have implications for ethics which are often unrecognized.  This course will examine classic theological responses to the problem of evil and suffering, but will also explore the ethical implications of those responses.  Attention will be given to the book of Job, process relational theology, existentialism, liberation theology, Buddhism, and the implications of American pragmatism in thinking about suffering.  Especially, we will consider how approaches to the relationship between suffering and meaning may make the world better or worse for children and other living creatures.