Call for Papers ...

The following is a list of calls to submit papers and articles for conferences and/or journals.


Whitehead Psychology Nexus 2014 Workshop in Avignon, France.

The Whitehead Psychology Nexus welcomes submissions for its 2014 workshop, to be held April 13th-15th in Avignon (France).

Specifically, this year we invite contributions on microgenesis, development and neuroscience. More generally, we welcome papers that offer a critical process perspective on wider matters, such as theology, pathology, the psyche in nature and contemporary geopolitics.

Each presentation will be 30 minutes, with 10 minutes for discussion. Please submit a title, a short abstract (of up to 500 words), and a brief bio to <[email protected]> by February 1st. 2014. Decisions will be notified by February 21st. 2014. Proceedings will be published.

Accommodation costs of unaccompanied presenters and discussants will be covered. There is no conference fee.