Call for Papers ...

The following is a list of calls to submit papers and articles for conferences and/or journals.


2015 Open and Relational Theologies Call for Papers.

The Open and Relational Theologies group invites proposals exploring hope in relation to themes common in open, relational, or process theologies. Such themes may include but are not limited to time and God, power, love, omniscience, evil, ecology, cooperation, social and political structures, justice, forgiveness, and salvation. We prefer proposals addressing these themes or others from overtly open, relational, or process theological perspectives.

Second, we invite papers exploring the hermeneutics, especially in relation to scripture. Papers might offer general hermeneutical methods and rationale that defend or promote open and relational themes. They may focus upon a particular problematic or especially helpful text. We prefer proposals that explicitly address hermeneutical concerns from open, relational, or process perspectives.

We plan to accept multiple proposals that explore these themes, which means we expect relatively short presentations (e.g., 15 minutes) from those whose proposals are accepted.

The Open and Relational Theologies group steering committee decides which proposals will be invited to the program. Each proposal is carefully refereed in an anonymous procedure (i.e., without the name of the proposer provided to the referees). All proposals, abstracts, and completed participant information should be submitted online to the AAR website. The deadline for proposal submission is March 1 .