Reassessing Whitehead's Theory of Personal Identity: A New Interpretation and Critical Examination

In "The Dynamic Process of Being (a Person)" (2014), Daniel R. Siakel provides a novel interpretation of Whitehead's theory of personal identity that draws from both Process and Reality and Adventures of Ideas. In his new paper, Siakel draws on the work of Derek Parfit to argue that Process and Reality already contains the conceptual resources required to explain personal identity; and with it, such items as moral responsibility, gratitude, and the possibility of life after death.

A Mormon Process Theodicy

Mormon conceptions of God are radically different from most traditional theists. Despite the common rhetoric in relation to God it is almost as meaningless to apply the standard formulations of the logical and evidential problems of evil to Mormonism as it is Buddhism.

Recent Publications of Interest

Check out these recent publications in process thought!

 God and the History of the Universe by Jarvis Streeter, Edited by David Lull (Pickwick Publications, 2016)

A History of the Concept of God: A Process Approach by Daniel A. Dombrowski (SUNY Press, 2016)

Randomness, Free Will, and the Providence of the Uncontrolling Love of God

If God is loving and active in the world, why does evil occur? Doesn't God care enough about victims to override the freewill of those who victimize? And what about the evil caused by random events and mutations? How can we really say God is providential and loving when so much genuine evil occurs? Thomas Jay Oord answers these questions with an original proposal that begins with the belief that God's nature is uncontrolling love.