16th Annual Common Good Film Festival

Four days that restore your faith in the common good. It’s the Whitehead Film Festival. We’ve gathered 10 films that inspire, amuse and remind us that a human story is a universal story. Great films, great discussions, and a great way to remember we’re all in this together.

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11th International Forum on Ecological Civilization

It is no secret that both China and the world are facing many disturbing problems today. We are heading toward ecological catastrophes. Finding an alternative to the current form of modernization has become an urgent issue. What are the root causes of the current crisis? What are the philosophical, political, economic, and cultural foundations of this crisis? How do we step out of this predicament and avoid the destruction of the earth? Are there alternatives to modern Western civilization that underlies the modern period? Is a new civilization—an ecological civilization possible?

Call for Papers: Whitehead Psychology Nexus Workshops

The Whitehead Psychology Nexus Workshops were launched in 2002 in  
Fontarèches. This Easter, we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of  
these inter- and trans-disciplinary meetings and it seems appropriate  
to publish a collection on that occasion.

We seek to gather two types of provocative communications: on the one  
hand, philosophical discussions of the present state of affairs in  
psychology lato sensu (papers on process thought as it appears to