AAR Quad-sponsored Session: John B. Cobb Jr.: Work and Legacy

Liberal Theologies Group, Open and Relational Theologies Group, Religion and Ecology Group, and Wesleyan Studies Group will be cosponsoring a session entitled "John B. Cobb Jr.: Work and Legacy," at the 2014 AAR Annual Meeting in San Diego.

The 2nd Sino-US Postmodern Psychology Forum

It is no secret that China is facing many disturbing problems as she marches toward modernization. Mental health problems constitute one such important problem. Finding alternatives to current forms of modern psychology and modern moral education has become an urgent issue.

The 8th International Forum on Ecological Civilization

The 8th International Forum on Ecological Civilization was held in Claremont, CA, from April 25-26, 2014. The theme of this year's forum was: Education for an Ecological Civilization.

Paolo Soleri: Key Concepts of a Prescient Urban Thinker (video)

Seminar Featuring: Lissa McCullough
Architect Paolo Soleri's urban thinking sets forth fundamental reformulations to address the globalizing world’s most urgent environmental, urban infrastructural, and socio-ethical problems.

Infinite Relational Power & Love: God is not a Wimp (video)

Seminar Featuring: C. Robert Mesle

Our understanding of power is central to our entire Alternative Vision of reality, ethics, and persons in community. C. Rober Mesle lays out the basic concept of Relational Power, shows how it is central to process relational thinking, and concludes with the crucial role of Relational Power in the process relational vision of God.