14th Annual Whitehead International Film Festival Winner is named.

By Marjorie Hewitt-Suchocki

Using our five criteria, this year’s jury selected a winning film that exhibits outstanding filming technique both in editing, camera angle, and lighting to sustain an illusion central to the film’s plot. The common good fostered by the film is a society where persons are valued rather than denigrated, whether or not they fit into our socially constructed norms. Dignity is the privilege of all, not just some.

Adam Smith, Karl Marx, A.N. Whitehead (video)

Seminar Featuring: Mark Dibben
In this talk, Mark speaks to a paper co-authored with Cristina Neesham, entitled 'The Social Value of Business: Lessons from Political Economy and Process Philosophy' in the book 'Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations', published by Emerald in 2012.

Hot off the Press!!!

Our spring issue of Process Perspectives and our Spring/Summer issue of Process Studies have been sent out. 


AAR Quad-sponsored Session: John B. Cobb Jr.: Work and Legacy

Liberal Theologies Group, Open and Relational Theologies Group, Religion and Ecology Group, and Wesleyan Studies Group will be cosponsoring a session entitled "John B. Cobb Jr.: Work and Legacy," at the 2014 AAR Annual Meeting in San Diego.

The 2nd Sino-US Postmodern Psychology Forum

It is no secret that China is facing many disturbing problems as she marches toward modernization. Mental health problems constitute one such important problem. Finding alternatives to current forms of modern psychology and modern moral education has become an urgent issue.