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Wolfhart Pannenberg (1928-2014)
September 8, 2014
By Phillip Clayton

PP Cover Wolfhart Pannenberg has often been called the greatest theologian of the second half of the 20th century. With his death Friday, the world has lost a brilliant interpreter of Christianity, and I have lost the mentor who molded me as a scholar, theologian, and person. Read more...

Process Century Press Announces its Newest Title:
Panentheism and Scientific Naturalism

September 3, 2014

PP Cover Can scientific naturalism, according to which there are no interruptions of the normal cause-effect relations, be compatible with divine activity, religious experience, and moral realism? Leading process philosopher of religion David Ray Griffin argues that panentheism provides the conceptual framework to overcome the perennial conflicts between these views, with important implications for religious pluralism, the problem of evil, and the academic study of religion. Panentheism—God as the soul of the world—explains how theism can be fully natural while still portraying God as distinct from and more than the world. Griffin’s Panentheism and Scientific Naturalism is an essential source for philosophers of religion and others seeking to reconcile faith with science and Christianity with other religions.

This is the second in the Toward Ecological Civilization Series, in preparation for the 10th International Whitehead Conference, “Seizing an Alternative” scheduled for June 2015 in Claremont, CA.

Other books published by Process Century Press:
Reason & Reenchantment, ed. John B. Cobb, Jr., Richard Falk, and Catherine Keller
An Axiological Process Ethics,by Rem B. Edwards

Postcard Apology!
August 22, 2014

CPS recently sent out an "Upcoming Events" postcard to our local mailing list. As many have noted, the postcard advertises events from April 2014. Please disregard this postcard. These are not upcoming events.These events remain efficacous through the power of the past, but we do not have a time machine. These postcards were sent by mistake. The actual events we intended to announce include the following:

AAR Quad-sponsored Session:
John B. Cobb Jr.: Work and Legacy

May 22, 2014

Liberal Theologies Group, Open and Relational Theologies Group, Religion and Ecology Group, and Wesleyan Studies Group will be cosponsoring a session entitled "John B. Cobb Jr.: Work and Legacy," at the 2014 AAR Annual Meeting in San Diego.
The session is scheduled for Saturday, November 22, 9am to 11:30am with Thomas Oord of Northwest Nazarene University presiding. The list of speakers has been set and includes: Philip Clayton, Claremont School of Theology; Catherine Keller, Drew University; Gary J. Dorrien, Columbia University, Union Theological Seminary; Michael Lodahl, Point Loma Nazarene University; Marit Trelstad, Pacific Lutheran University; Jay McDaniel, Hendrix College; and John B. Cobb Jr. responding.
We will continue to update the site as more details are available.

2nd Sino-US Postmodern Psychology Forum

The 2nd Sino-US Postmodern Psychology Forum on "Psychological Health Education and Moral Education from a Constructive Postmodern Perspective," was held in Claremont,CA from May 10-11, 2014.
Psych Forum
It is no secret that China is facing many disturbing problems as she marches toward modernization. Mental health problems constitute one such important problem. Finding alternatives to current forms of modern psychology and modern moral education has become an urgent issue.
read more

8th International Forum on Ecological Civilization

The 8th International Forum on Ecological Civilization will be held in Claremont, CA, from April 25-26, 2014. All are welcome. The theme of this year’s forum will be “Education for an Ecological Civilization.”  

It is no secret that China is facing many disturbing problems as she marches toward modernization. Finding an alternative to the current form of modernization has become an urgent issue. How to create an ecological civilization? read more

Ecological Civilization

John B. Cobb Jr. to Lecture at Pacific Lutheran University
March 26, 2014

John CobbOn TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 2014: 1:45 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., John B. Cobb Jr., Co-Founder of the Center for Process Studies, will be speaking at the annual Ingram Lecture at Pacific Lutheran University. Cobb's lecture, titled "Why Christocentrism in a Pluralistic Age?" will be addressing the subject of choosing Christianity in an age when it is one among many; particularly in light of crimes committed against other communities in the name of Christ. See event flyer for details. 

On FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014: Noon - 2:00 p.m., Zhihe Wang (Director of the Institute for Postmodern Development of China, and Co-Director of the China Project, Center for Process Studies), will be speaking as part of the Modern China Lecture Series at California State University San Bernardino. Zhihe's talk, titled "Constructive Postmodernism in China Today," will explore how this pluralistic and integrative worldivew, inspiried by Whitehead's process philosophy, has become an influential movement in China today and what that means for the future of China. See event flyer for details.

David Griffin and Zhihe Wang Make International News

Xihuan News Agency
Aired February 22, 2014
Recently David Griffin and Zhihe Wang were interviewed by Xihuan News Agency regarding David Griffin's Santa Barbara home.

The Return of Navajo Boy (Film Screening)
Friday, February 14
7:30-9:30pm (PST)
Mudd Theatre, CST

Please join us for this free showing of The Return of Navajo Boy, followed by a Q&A with “Navajo Boy” John Wayne Cly (of whom the film is about). more details

Indigenous Wisdom: Grace and Survival Under Fire
Saturday, February 15
Butler 201, Claremont School of Theology
watch live video feed
Note: Only the 8:30-12:30 portion will be live streamed. The rest afternoon conversations will be recorded and archived but not streamed.

Please join us for this free conference on Indigenous Wisdom: Grace and Survival Under Fire. We will explore learnings to be derived from the experiences of First Peoples in North America as well as the Afro-Diaspora, and how the application of those learnings can help promote an ecological civilization. 
Presenters include: Ignacio Castuera, Maulana Karenga [best known as creator of the pan-African and African-American holiday of Kwanzaa], Dwight Hopkins, and Chris Daniels.
see schedule for details

Philip Clayton Defends Process on Patheos

December 10 , 2013

Check out Philip Clayton's defense of Process Theology on Patheos. Clatyon's article is a response to Roger Olson's piece, "Why I Am Not a Process Theologian.” Roger Olson is Foy Valentine Professor of Christian Theology and Ethics at Baylor University. Philip Clayton, Ingraham Professor of Theology at Claremont School of Theology, and Co-Director of the Center for Process Studies. See Philip's article here.

Philip ClaytonRoger Olson

CPS Seminar with Rabbi Michael Lerner
December 5 , 2013
Join us for an exciting CPS seminar with Rabbi Michael Lerner under the title: Tikkun Olam: Love's Rebellion--The Non-Violent Path to Overcoming the Globalization of Materialism and Selfishness (aka Capitalism). The event is December 11, 2013 (4:15pm-5:45pm PST) in Butler 201, CST. Watch Live Video Feed and see event flyer.


Welcome our new CPS Managing Director
November 21, 2013

Dear Friends of CPS,

It is a great pleasure to announce Andrew Schwartz as the new Managing Director of CPS. read more

Upcoming Events at AAR Conference
October 28, 2013

Saturday, November 23rd-Tuesday, November 26th

The 2013 American Academy of Religion Conference will be held in November this year in Baltimore, Maryland. CPS will be represented at sessions on open theologies and a reception hosted by Phillip Clayton and Monica Coleman. We're excited to participate this year, we hope you can join us!

Political Theory & Entanglement
October 18, 2013

Friday, October 25th [9:00-5:30pm, PST]; Butler 201, CST

Join us for another in our popular series of free, conversational mini-conferences! These events are just a preview to our upcoming 2015 Seizing an Alternative megaconference. Come for all or part of the conference, participate or just listen in. Attendance is free, snacks, coffee and food for thought provided, lunch is not. Be a part of this conversation on Friday, October 25th in Butler 201. See you there!


Re-Envisioning Nature: Science, Philosophy, Ethics
October 11, 2013

Thursday, October 17th [8:30-5:30pm]; Haddon, CST

Please join us for this free, conversational conference on science, philosophy and ethics. Scholars will lead short, informal presentations on these topics and invite participation in a discussion. Morning presentations will start at 8:30, be followed by a break for lunch in the Botanic Garden, followed by afternoon presentations and a short break, and ending with closing discussion at 4:15. Come for all or part of the conference, participate or just listen in. Snacks, coffee and plenty of food for thought provided, lunch and garden admission is not. See you there!


Community Tea - Honoring John Sweeney
September 26 , 2013

John Sweeeney

A Community Tea honoring John Sweeney - retiring adjunct faculty in theology at CST and managing director of CPS - will be held Wednesday, October 2 [3:50 - 4:30pm]; at the CST Edgar Center. Join us in celebrating John Sweeney's 13 years of service to the CST community!




Process Studies 41.2 is here!
August 16, 2013

process-studiesProcess Studies 41.2 is here! This is a special focus issue on "Whitehead and the Analytic Tradition." It contains articles by Franz Riffert and Ludwig Jaskolla, Bogdan Rusu and Ronny Desmet, Franz Riffert, Christine Holmgren and Leemon McHenry, as well as George W. Shields. view the journals contents.

If you are a member, your journal is in the mail! If you are not a member, but are interested in cutting edge process thought and would like to receive Process Studies journal as well as Process Perspectives Newsmagazine, you can become a member here.


New Book by Michel Weber
August 1, 2013

mjsThe aim of this study is summarized in a few words: abandoned to itself, the current economic, political and social system is doomed and his death will be painful, unless major reform occurs. The lines of thought Weber brings in this study originate from two complementary systems of thought: the organic philosophy of the late Whitehead (1861-1947) and the dialectical materialism of Marx (1818-1883). Michel Weber discusses the idea that the globalized Western civilization has reached a breaking point that will not be long to manifest an insurrectionary form unless radical reforms are promptly implemented. In short, this is to draw a political response to a systemic global crisis that is radically (at the root) policy. [Note: This book is in French]


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"One Scientist's Encounter with Process Theology."
Korean Language
September 9, 2014
English Language
September 10, 2014

Time: 4:15-6:00 pm
Location: Butler 201, CST
Seminar with Taeil Bai

"Marjorie Suchocki as Practical Theologican: The Practice of Thinking as a Worshiping Christian"
September 24, 2014
Time: 4:15-5:45 pm
Location: Butler 201, CST
Seminar with Helene Russell

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